Dynamik is a community of like-minded, somewhat sane individuals who enjoy discussing various passions from gaming to movies, graphics to art and everything in between.



Hosting, a domain, themes, add-ons. It all costs money and it's not cheap either. We don't complain and as much as we love you to come here and post around, we pay money monthly to make this possible. We appreciate every donation made and whatever amount is left we put back in the community to win through contests and events. We don't look down to members who don't donate. Those few who are willing to support us by donating are well appreciated but have no advantage over other members except for a few profile add-ons. You can upgrade your account here


Here's a rundown of the costs we have running Dynamik: - Xenforo License: 140USD one time -- Xenforo License Renewal: 40USD yearly (for a renewal of support and upgrades.) - Dynamik domain: 10USD yearly - Hosting: 50USD - Pad Style: 25USD one time -- Renewal yearly: 15USD - Prime Style: 25USD one time -- Renewal yearly: 15USD

- Usergroup icons in front of username: 7USD one time - Profile Customization: 6USD one time -- Renewal yearly: 3USD - Reactions: 35USD one time -- Renewal yearly: 20USD - DragonByte Credits: 27.50USD one time - DragonByte Shop: 24.95USD one time - Shoutbox: 12USD one time -- Renewal yearly: 6USD Total one time: 362.45USD Total renewals: 159USD

While we can leave some add-on renewal for what they are, some are recommended for a frequent update. This list is just an indication and can be edited by time. Also, we don't mind spending money, or we would've just went with a free forum host. If you want to donate and support us, we've setup a yearly goal to reach. If we don't reach this, no harm is done, as @bittersweet and myself have a job and are capable of such expenses. However, if you insist of donating, we don't want you to have nothing for in return.

Donator Perks: Here are some perks you'll receive for donating.

Donators have a different username style Banner below the avatar Can add attachments to Conversations No time limit, or other restrictions for Conversations Username changes are free of charge (instead of credits) and not limited by time or quantity. Can use a username style for free (instead of credits) We keep working on features to make it more worth your investment. Features may be added in the future / suggestions are also at all times welcome.

Donation Goal:

We've reached 15USD of 50USD total.

We continue to invest in this forum to make your experience more enjoyable by adding new styles, add on's and frequent updates.